It's a funny thing about cars; as they've become more-high tech, they've become more impossible to work on for so-called "shade tree" mechanics, but the love affair that many people have with their cars goes on unabated. Many parents pass along their this love of all things automotive, but maybe don't have the ability to get too technical about it. The Gilmore Car Museum has a program that matches older with younger and mentors those are want to learn about cars.

This educational program not only nurtures a passion for history and all things mechanical, but introduces these students to a unique environment that gives them guided, hands-on experiences in a fully-equipped shop setting, and introduces them to tools, techniques, and safety standards across subjects like restoration, repair, maintenance, engine building, welding, fabrication, electrical wiring, and paint & body. The experiences may motivate students to pursue further education, training, and a career in the skilled trades, or might provide a newfound confidence that ignites a lifelong passion as a DIYer in the collector car hobby. - Gilmore Car Museum

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The program is Gilmore Garage Works and the current session has gotten underway, but it's certainly worth asking about future participation. And while the program is designed for younger future enthusiasts, it certainly is something that could be enjoyed by any enthusiast looking to explore a passion for the restoration of an automobile.

But if you're a parent looking to help your young one get started, giving a call to the Gilmore Garage Works program is a good first step. And if you’d like to volunteer as a guest instructor, or get your company, brand, tools or equipment involved in Gilmore Garage Works educational programming, the person to talk to is Gilmore Car Museum Executive Director Josh Russell at or (269) 953-9036.

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