If you've been in a relationship for a while, you might have developed some bad sex habits. 

The Huffington Post says you should break these habits in bed:

1.  Using the same position every time.  Sure, you know what you like and what works for you but obviously doing it in the same position each time gets boring.

2.  Doing it at the same time every day.  Your daily routine can make it hard to switch it up.  But if you're used to doing it right before bed, try some morning sex once in a while or right when you get home from work.

3.  Letting the kids sleep in your bed or not shutting the door at night.  It's tough, but you've got to set some boundaries if you actually want some quality alone time.

4.  Not telling your partner how hot something was.  Make sure you TELL them they were amazing.  Everybody likes hearing it.  Just be genuine about it, or else it could backfire.

5.  Leaving it up to one person to do all of the initiating.  Maybe one of you is better about getting things going, or maybe one of you is more shy.  But that's no excuse.  The same person should NOT be the one initiating things EVERY time.

Photo By: Bartosz Wardziak/ThinkStock