Why is Michigan so dang thirsty on twitter during the pandemic? (Warning: sex and sexual situations are mentioned in this article.)

An "adult fun" retail website called Pink Cherry recently did a study pouring over data state by state according to Mlive,

Tweets, hashtags, and keyword phrases about sex and wanting sex like “I need sex and “I want sex,” were considered as part of the data study...

Dating during a pandemic has proven to be very difficult.  You certainly don't want to mix up your work zoom meeting with your date zoom meeting.  If you break down twitter data on this issue it shows some states are far thirstier than others.  You can't break it down to a thirsty region as it is pretty spread out.  However, most of the Northern states are among the least thirsty in the nation.  Except for Michigan.

If I'm being honest, I am very surprised by these results.  The number of people in Michigan that have ignored requests to stay home, wear masks and social distance during this pandemic is crazy.  Not to mention, Michiganders are used to staying in because of cold winters.  So, why are we so dang thirsty on twitter?

Here are the top 5 thirsty states during the pandemic:

1. Michigan

2. Nevada

3. New Mexico

4. Georgia

5. Texas

You can check out the top 10 thirsty states on Mlive.  You might be able to see the full list of where all 50 states landed on the Pink Cherry website.  Since that website is NSFW, our company is blocking us from viewing it.

What's your theory on why Michigan is the thirstiest state in America?  Let us know in the comments.

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