I always thought the entire point of getting a hotel room when you're with someone is for some privacy, and maybe to give your neighbors a break from the occasional, suggestive audio that may come through the walls from time to time. You'd think that a hotel would have some solid insulation to avoid having to run into this problem, but it looks like that may not be the case for Battle Creek's Firekeepers Casino & Hotel, as one couple recently were enjoying the room, and things got a little too loud for a nearby guest. The guest slid a note written on the Firekeepers paper pad which read:

Please think of other people at 3 a.m. Sex is fun but to[sic] loud!

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Sultan of Smash

The guest who received the note took big pride in causing the disturbance, commenting:

aye I’m da big Steppa

Other people in the comment section were also baffled as to why someone would expect any less from a casino hotel:

People like this scare me like you were expecting peace and quiet at a hotel? Not only that but at a casino hotel?

For some it's a priority:

If i check in after 8pm and there ain't walls shaking on the floor I'm checkin out

Prince of Pumps

Regardless of the outcome, the dude received tons of praise from his fellow friends saying:

"My boi was tryna nail something to the cross"
"Over there putting that work in"
"[Dude] was whooping sh*t"

Tip of the cap to the apparent Cornel of clappin' cheeks.

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