A 60-year-old Michigan woman was told she would be arrested if she didn't pay up.

The victim was contacted by a man claiming to be an FBI agent.  The suspect called and texted her from three different phone numbers.  Each number had a different area code: 810, 202 and 210.  It's not just that the fake FBI agent threatened to arrest the victim if she didn't pay $17,000.  The suspect demanded the payment in gift cards according to clickondetroit.com,

The caller told the victim that the FBI had already arrested her ex-husband and another former family member. Police say the victim was also told that if she did not provide $17,000 in gift cards codes, she would also be arrested.

Sure, it's easy for us to see how crazy this is.  The problem is, these scammer prey on vulnerable people that may not know better.  This Michigan woman traveled all over the city purchasing $17,000 in gift cards from Nike and Target to T.J. Maxx.

Please spread the word that law enforcement will never call your phone asking for money with the threat of arrest.  Furthermore, law enforcement agencies will not ask for payment in gift cards.

The Lapeer County Sheriff's Office is currently investigating this incident.  The identity of the fake FBI agent is still unknown.

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