The Wienermobile is everything you ever dreamed of and more!

This weekend the Wienermobile cruised into the Harding's Friendly Market on Westnedge, and I got to kiss a car from my childhood. No matter your age, you have to admit what a thrill it is to see that classic vehicle hit the road! Wikipedia tells the store of the first Wienermobile.

The first version was created in 1936 by Oscar Mayer's nephew, Carl G. Mayer, and variants are still used by the Oscar Mayer company today.


  • There are currently eleven active Wienermobiles
  • Six of the eleven are the full-sized models
  • There is a Wienermobile food truck
  • Other versions of the truck are...the WienerMini, the WienerRover, the WienerCycle, and the WienerDrone
  • The driver of the Wienermobile is called "The Hotdogger"
  • Only college seniors who are about to graduate are eligible to be "The Hotdogger"
  • Currently  there are about 300 "hotdogger" alumni
  • Hot Wheels issued die-cast versions of the Wienemorbile

After planting a kiss on the Wienermobile, the Hotdogger gave me a sticker and a Wienerwhistle! It was a good day! Thank you Oscar Mayer!

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