There are a couple facts about this investigation that blew my mind.

#1 The reason the Secret Service started an investigation in the first place was because TMZ threw Eminem under the bus according to  A TMZ employee was named as a "concerned citizen" in the Secret Service report about this investigation.  That employee was the only "complaint" about the lyrics of "The Ringer" which mentions Donald and Ivanka Trump in a not so flattering way.

#2 Eminem's reaction to one of the Secret Service agents reading his lyrics was, let's say interesting.

BuzzFeed reporter Jason Leopold told the story on episode 1 of the podcast Suspicious Activity.  At one point during the Secret Service interview of Marshall Mathers one of the agents read the questionable lyrics to the rapper.  Before the agent could finish, Eminem began rapping those lyrics back at the agent.  Oh to be a fly on the wall of that room.

Nothing of substance really came out of this investigation other than this hilarious government document.  Eminem isn't facing jail time.  However, he does have the bragging rights of having a Secret Service file.

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