Indiana State Police have handed out more tickets so far in 2019 than the previous 2 years combined. 

Road rage is a national problem and it shows no signs of getting any better. (Have you driven I-94 lately?) Slow drivers in the left lane don't "help," nor do they regulate speed and remind the rest of us to slow down. They are a nuisance and are breaking the law. Like Indiana, Michigan State Law mandates slower traffic keep right on state highways. Should our State Troopers be writing more citations to keep traffic flowing?

I think it's something I don't think people are taught. So, unfortunately, I think some people are going to learn a lesson by being pulled over.

-Indiana State Trooper Aaron Pfaff

Sometimes financial consequences are what it takes to learn a lesson. Are you in favor of a left-lane crackdown here on Michigan roads?

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