As it's starting to get warmer out there, we're getting close to the time of the year where air conditioning is going to be coming in clutch. unfortunately for one Dowagiac family, they're going through the headache of trying to find out who stole their brand new air conditioner unit outside their shop. Apparently the thief stole it sometime between Tuesday night May 11th and early Wednesday, may 12th. The homeowner made a rather upset post on Facebook saying:

500.00 rewards for ANY INFORMATION leading to the arrest of the scum bag that took our property. Someone took our air conditioning unit from behind our building in the alleyway....possibly last night, it was BRAND NEW... they cut the cable and carted it off. Please share this post with all your friends and family.....thank you.

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Where Do Thieves Often Take These To?

One resident had a suggestion as to where it could be saying: "Copper is double catalyst converters up 300% in scrap money." Even so, you would think someone from the scrap yard would be a little suspicious if a brand new air conditioning unit with cut cords showed up and someone was trying to get quick money from it. Normally this is something that Homeowners Insurance will cover, but there's no word if they couple have that for their place of residence. Since it was taken from company property, you would think they'd have insurance, so hopefully they're one claim away from being able to get a new one. Still...chump move.

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