Downtown Kalamazoo has been really busy lately with construction, even going as far as offering free parking at certain locations and at certain times. Now, the Kalamazoo Downtown Partnership (KDP) is currently studying parking downtown. They are seeking the public's advice and input on how they can make things better for their community. They released a post on Facebook recently, urging citizens to take a survey, stating:

KDP needs your help! Share your input and downtown parking experiences by taking the Downtown Kalamazoo Parking+ Stakeholder Survey. Your feedback will help KDP to better understand the needs of the community when exploring strategies and opportunities for the parking management system. Take the survey here

What about the parking situation in Downtown Kalamazoo do you love? What do you dislike about it? What would you change if you had the opportunity? Take their survey and maybe your input will make a difference. Safe travels.

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