This week, for Dog Days, we met the lovely Foxy.

Foxy is a mixed-breed dog and about a year old. She's on the smaller side, about 30 pounds, and is a bit shy, at first, but warms up to people rather quickly. She's also, apparently, a business lady judging by how she settled in during our segment yesterday morning:

TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose

You can't see it in the above photo but, Foxy also has a curly tail and it is adorable. 

As far as other animals are concerned, she might need a bit longer to adjust. But, as always, if you have other animals in the home, the SPCA of SW Michigan encourages you to set up a meet and greet before going through with the adoption.

Otherwise, Foxy is ready to move into her forever home! If you're interested, you can stop by the SPCA of SW Michigan or give them a call. You can find all of their contact information here.

Even if Foxy isn't for you, now is a great time to adopt thanks to the Bissel Foundation's Empty the Shelters Event. As of right now, adoption fees have been reduced to $50 and there are plenty of animals that are in need of forever homes. I'm sure, if you've been considering adopting a dog or cat, you'll be able to find your new best friend at the SPCA of SW Michigan.

See all of the animals currently up for adoption here. 

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Can't Adopt? Why Not Foster Instead?

I know committing to adopting an animal can be difficult. Especially if you have upcoming travel plans or just aren't ready to carry the responsibility of caring for an animal long-term.

Well, that's where fostering comes in. By fostering an animal, you're helping the SPCA of SW Michigan create kennel space to help even more animals in this area, you're giving the animal a break from the shelter, and you're helping that animal become more social and therefore more adoptable. It's a win all around.

As a reminder, the SPCA of SW Michigan covers all medical and food costs. You're just providing a space for the animal. And, hopefully, some cuddle and play time, too.

Find more information about fostering or volunteering (which is always needed and appreciated) here.

One thing that might be stopping you from adopting a dog may be the lack of yard space. Whether you already have a dog or are thinking about adopting one, there are yards that you can actually rent:

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