Detroit Youth Choir is going to perform on 'Today' show.

The Detroit Youth Choir became a household name because of their incredible talent and performances on 'America's Got Talent'. Since then, the group has performed in  Las Vegas, the America's Thanksgiving Parade and on the Kelly Clarkson Show. Now, the Detroit Youth Choir is heading back to NBC to take part in the 'Today' show.

Choir director Anthony White told the Detroit Free Press that "Today" producers reached out to him around two months ago about appearing on the morning show.

It was offer this incredible group could not say no too. The group is small but a power house. Choir director Anthony White describes his groups as...

A little choir from the city of Detroit that meets about twice a week; we have the capabilities to travel to LA and really take over the city. We put a lot of work in. We have a great team. We have a great chorographer, great theater teachers, great choir directors. The experience has been world class."

The choir will spend the morning on the NBC show from 7-9 a.m. Now that is a Christmas treat!

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