We all saw the headlines when the Detroit Tigers signed former Chicago Cub and New York Met Javier Baez to a $140 free agent deal. In many ways it's maybe a better deal than if they'd gotten Carlos Correa. Correa maybe a better shortstop, but the Baez deal is a lot more financially manageable, and Baez' defense (critical to playing shortstop) is not his problem. His defense is quite good, and he has a World Series ring under his belt. His problem is when he's batting. He's maybe not the most disciplined of hitters, a free swinger who strikes out a lot.

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Now, some Tigers fans bemoan the long contract and all the injuries that have piled up with Miguel Cabrera, but here's a bonus to having Cabrera on the roster that may not show up on the balance sheet. Baez respects Cabrera, and maybe even looks up to him.

Cabrera is one helluva hitter, and maybe he can mentor Baez some. Sometimes a future Hall of Famer in your ear is better than a hitting coach. And Baez is already an elite talent.

A Bargain?

I read somewhere where Baez signed with the Tigers for pretty much what the Cubs offered him a couple of years ago, rather than spending $300 mil on Correa. They get a relative bargain with Baez at $140 mil. The advantage too is the Tigers might have a little extra to spend at the trade deadline if they're in contention.

Of course, all this might just be a moot point, as the baseball owners just locked out the players, and who know when they'll actually play their next game.

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