Sean Bostwick was new recruit to the Detroit Police Department but has been taken off of the force as of Sunday because of comments he made on his Snapchat. The officer took a picture with the caption, 'Another night to rangle up these zoo animals.' Detroit Police Chief James Craig confirmed that Sean Bostwick has been fired. The department said they became aware of the incident Sunday afternoon and that's when they decided to fire the young recruit, according to WDIV.

Police Chief Craig Commented on Bostwick and his regret for his post:

He is off of our payroll effective tomorrow morning. He did express some remorse ... he admitted that he did this. Our officers were deeply troubled by his comment.

Other officers are glad this action was taken against Bostwick, including a retired 18 year Detroit Police Officer Veteran, Wilbur Medley:

I want him fired. We're out here right now. I don't see any zoo animals. What are you talking about when you say zoo animals? If he's looking at us like zoo animals, who is to say he won't do something bad? Other cops care about this city, because we have a great investment in it. You can’t take this and say, 'This is what Detroit cops think of you.' No, this is what this cop thinks, and he should be removed.



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