The Detroit Lions unveiled the new uniforms they will wear in the upcoming 2017 season, to a group of season ticket holders, last Thursday night.

Keeping in mind the idea, that this is all to generate more revenue for both the Lions and the NFL, the Lions unveiled four new uniforms.

The home uniform is very close to the same as it has been. The road uniform will have darker blue pants. The "Color Rush" uniform is a gimmick, used primarily for Thursday Night Football, which every NFL has to participate in. And, finally, the "throwbacks" are very similar to the throwbacks the Lions have worn for such occasions during the past decade, and will probably be featured on Thanksgiving Day.

The most obvious new feature is "Lions" on the shoulder/sleeve on one side,and the initials "WCF", for former owner William Clay Ford on the other shoulder/sleeve.

Team president Rod Wood was quoted as saying the team will determine which uniforms will be worn, when the NFL schedule is released in Wood's words. "Next Thursday".



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