This could have started out as 5 things that have happened since....but it's never happened, so what do you write? Infinity?The Detroit Lions are one of four NFL teams to never have played in a Super Bowl. It's one of those exclusive clubs of which you wish you weren't a member.

The Lions are the oldest team of that group, having begun play in the 1930's. They also the longest to not have won a title of any kind. Before their was a Super Bowl, the Lions won the NFL championship in 1957. In fact, the Lions were a powerhouse in the 1950's, winning three titles in six years. The team they beat up on, the Cleveland Browns won an NFL title in 1964. Neither of the other two teams shutout from the Super Bowl so far, Jacksonville and Houston have any titles. But Detroit, Jacksonville and Houston have all hosted Super Bowl games. For Detroit, both the Silverdome and Ford Field hosted the event.

Some of the signs coming out of Allen Park appear positive, with Martha Ford now in control. New General Manager Bob Quinn comes with a winning pedigree from New England. Who knows, with a little luck, the Lions will be no longer a member this exclusive club.

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