It was just last week we were talking about the new edible cookie dough cafe, Detroit Dough, opening up shop. As Michigan's first shop its kind, it has already begun facing struggles.

Last week a woman identified as Spencer Genrich made a public Facebook post, apparently trying to expose co- owner Daniel A. Washington of allegedly sexually assaulting her. Originally when the post was made, Detroit Dough co- founders Autumn Kyles and Victoria Washington stated Daniel would "step down effective immediately until this matter is resolved."

However now it seems they will be taking legal action against Genrich. The co-founders wrote on Facebook that they are:

dedicated to empowering women to take a stand, to speak up and speak out...

And that they:

remain confident that there is no truth to the allegation made against Daniel A. Washington and our attorneys are looking into any recourse we may have. While we are dedicated to empowering women, we are equally dedicated to finding truth and seeking justice.

As a personal note, I'm all for people taking a stand against being mistreated and disrespected. I think it is very important going forward that people come forward with any mistreatment. However I feel this surge of exposing sexual deviants may lead to a witch hunt mentality which never ends well. People can be affected badly over nothing but someone's word, which may not be truthful and full of jaded retribution. It's important that we all take responsibility for our actions and the consequences of them.

Hopefully, whatever the outcome and truth is of the situation, it clears up quick so we can eat some cookie dough in peace. The way cookie monster intended.


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