Michelle Williams had some big shoes to fill and she did it well!

Michelle Williams, from the famous group the Destiny's Child was recently casts to  play Detroit's favorite diva on Tuesday's episode of "American Soul" on BET (and from the trailer, she does it well)!

According to The Detroit Free Press Michelle nails the part with not only her acting ability but her looks...

Williams captures the sleek, ultra-glamorous style that Ross favored in 1971, the year of her first solo TV special, "Diana!" But the sparkly red outfit worn by Williams on "American Soul" can't hold a candle to the major fashion moment the real Ross had at this year's Grammys, where she wore what People magazine called "a voluminous scarlet gown befitting her diva status.

Michelle is not the only member of Destiny's Child to step and play a legend on film. Not to long ago Kelly Rowland played Gladys Knight in 'American Soul'. Now, I just can't wait to see what 70's superstar Beyonce takes on, because you know she will be amazing!

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