The not so slick alleged burglar was just arraigned in Kent County Thursday.

A break-in happened in the small, Northern Michigan town of Alpena on the evening of Halloween in 2020.  So, why are we talking about this now?  And how is this related to Kent County?  I'm glad you asked.  This all began when the debit card of 30-year-old James Tanner was found at the scene of a crime.  Tanner allegedly dropped his debit card, which had his name on in, after using the card to jimmy the locked door of someone else's home open.  The frosting on the cake was that the homeowner actually arrived to find Tanner inside her house.  He ran out as she yelled his name.  Yeah, she knew him.  Weird, right?

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A warrant for Tanner's arrest was soon issued by the Alpena County Prosecutor's Office.  But where did this alleged criminal mastermind go?  Kent County Jail is the correct answer.  That's where Tanner is currently spending his time due to unrelated charges.  We don't know exactly why he was already locked up in Kent county.  I guess it's safe to assume that he's not good at crime.  Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the arraignment happened virtually from Kent County according to Click on Detroit,

He was arraigned from the Kent County Jail on Thursday (March 4) and charged with second-degree home invasion. Bond was set at $30,000, 10% cash surety.  Tanner is scheduled to return to court March 23.

Tanner will no doubt be back in the world's capital of shale quarries in no time.  Side note, am I the only one that would've gone shopping with the criminal's debit card?  Asking for a friend.

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