I really don't mean to sound like a cheerleader for Bell's. I'm not on their payroll or anything; just a big fan. And this week's Dave Benson's Eating Kalamazoo is just a small look at what I love about it.In the months with not great weather, we love to stop at Bell's on a Friday evening or for a late lunch on Saturday, and grab a beer or three, and something to eat.

I love the deviled eggs. Kath'll get a sandwich like a brisket or something, and this is more a complement to her, she'll only eat half and then make the leftovers into an omelet the next morning.

And maybe the best thing about Bell's is the outside patio/backyard. Gorgeous day last Saturday and we're outside in the sun, enjoying the Mango-Habanero Oberon and good company. Strangers at surrounding tables become new people to have a fun conversation about beers with.  Enjoy!

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