Do you love crocheting? Have you also been looking for a community of fellow crocheters? Well, if you're in the Battle Creek area, this is for you.

The shop Bread and Basket, LLC in Battle Creek is a boutique-style public market that focuses on,

the incubation of women of color-owned businesses and products.

Aside from carrying products created by women of color-owned businesses, the shop also hosts occasional specialty classes for things like painting and coffee roasting.

Evidently, there's been an uptick in either requests for crochet classes or people just trying to find others who also love crocheting because Bread and Basket just announced a new Crochet Club:

According to their post, you must be in the Battle Creek region and you'll need to be added to an invite list. Check out their Instagram page for more information.

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We Need More Clubs Like This

It was just yesterday that I was having a conversation with my long-distance friend about how difficult it is to make friends in a new city as an adult.

Neither of us likes to drink. We both like to go to bed early. And, we're not into sports or extreme activities. So, how do you meet new people? With groups like Bread and Basket's Crochet Club.

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I don't know if there are clubs for rewatching Schitt's Creek for the 4th time or trying all the local cupcake options but, if there are, sign me up!

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