March 3rd, 2021 marks a full year since the first known case of Covid-19 was reported in Michigan, although it's likely the virus was here before that date. Since then there have been so many hurdles to leap in the hopes to contain the virus and ultimately defeat it so we can get back to our normal lives. Most of what you'll see from sources today will be no doubt doom and gloom, with death toll numbers and cases as a way to package everything in a nice article, and end it by giving you a glimmer of hope that things are rounding the corner.

While remembering those we've lost and those who have been negatively affected by it is important, I think we should also use this date to celebrate the things we do have, and the changes that the pandemic has brought for us positively. Let's take a look at some of those changes and try to remain positive in a struggling time:

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The Positives During Year One of Covid-19 In Southwest Michigan

It's easy to only look at the negatives but this pandemic has actually done good for a lot of businesses, so lets focus on those for a change.

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