I am just about sick and tired of what this virus has done to our loved ones, our mental health and our community. The impact this virus has made has taken its toll on many local businesses and it continues even as the state continues to re-open. The beloved Peachwave Frozen Yogurt shop on Gull Rd. in Kalamazoo made the announcement that after 4 years, they would be closing their doors for good.

The statement was made on their Facebook page on June 25th:

To our community of Friends and Froyo lovers,

After much deliberation we have decided to close our doors. As the impact of Covid-19 is being felt by many we are no exception. We appreciate all of the support over the past 4 years and wish you all well!


Ashley and Ryan Waldorf

Peachwave served frozen yogurt and gelato and was a staple to the area since 2016. The affects that this virus has had on small business has been devastating. Relief funds have been impossible to get for some small businesses, meanwhile stimulus money was sent to thousands of deceased people, which isn't a very winning result.

This is unfortunately something we're gonna have to get used to seeing as Coronavirus numbers begin to spike once again in America. The re-opening and softening of the stay at home order, and the negligence of not practicing proper protection has done exactly what we knew it was going to do. The virus comes back even stronger and it's only going to mean more closures in the future.

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