An elderly Arizona couple who struck up a conversation while perusing the mayonnaise selection at their local grocery store returned a year later to tie the knot.

Brenda, whose husband of 30 years had passed away, was browsing for mayo when she and fellow shopper Dennis struck up a casual conversation.

"We both had masks on, and I say to her, 'You know the best thing about wearing a mask? You could pass these [people] not wearing a mask, and curse them out under your breath, they don't hear a word you're saying,' and she started laughing," Dennis told News 12 about the meet-cute.

The pair ended up keeping in touch. Over the next few months they bonded over the loss of their respective partners. For Brenda, the relationship helped her find a new "purpose" in life.

In April 2022, Dennis decided it was time to propose.

"He came to my house, and he said, 'I'm going to go get you an engagement ring,' and I said, 'Yes, sure.' So he left, and a couple hours later, I called him and asked, 'Have you been drinking?'" Brenda shared, according to FOX 13.

After realizing Dennis was serious, she told him she wanted "him to do it in the condiment aisle where they met."

In November, Brenda and Dennis returned to the very same spot they met — aisle 8 of Fry's Food and Drug in Phoenix — where they got married amid the jars of condiments.

"I'm 72, he's 78 now. We don't have that many more years to do something dumb and stupid," Brenda told News 12, explaining, "They hid me in the aisle next to the condiment aisle."

"She came around. They cued the wedding march [out of the] loudspeakers in the store. It was wonderful. You never know when you're going to walk down the condiment aisle at Fry's and you're going to meet someone that you didn't know you needed in your life," Dennis added.

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