Anytime you lose or need an ID it can be SUCH a pain to get a new one. You have to drive to the DMV or local government building, make sure you have all the right paperwork, and then wait in line for who knows how long.

But, what if you could replace your Kalamazoo County ID while enjoying a holiday market?

Kalamazoo County has announced a mobile unit event with the purpose of issuing county IDs that will be taking place at the Portage Holiday Market on Saturday, December 11th.

The Portage Holiday Market will feature lots of items like hand-crafted items, baked goods, unique gifts, and locally made art. The event, happening from 10 am - 2 pm, is free to attend and you can find more information here.

Here's What You Need if You Plan on Getting an ID

While you're shopping for your unique stocking stuffers, keep in mind there are a few specific requirements if you plan on getting a new ID:

1. Proper Documentation 

According to the Kalamazoo County website, in order to obtain a new ID, you'll need to be able to prove that you live in Kalamazoo County. Make sure you have something like a utility bill, insurance document, or a letter from a doctor's office (as an example) to show proof. Generally, junk mail, which we all seem to have an abundance of, won't be recognized as proof.

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2. Documents provided must meet the point requirement 

This is not something I've seen often, but you'll need to provide the right kind of documents that basically add up in points. It sounds a bit confusing. But, for example, a US Passport is worth 200 points while a Michigan ID/driver's license with a Kalamazoo address is equal to 300 points. You'll need 300-400 points to be eligible to apply for a state ID.  You can see a full list of documents and their point equivalency here.

Unlike the Portage Holiday Market, obtaining an ID is, unfortunately, not free. Instead, it'll cost you $10. You can pay using cash, credit card, or by using a scholarship fund that will be available at the Holiday Market.

Find all other information about applying for a county ID on the Kalamazoo County Government's website.

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