Let's not get into the debate of what is "Up North" to Lower Peninsula Michiganders, because we have something else to talk about. Over the weekend I made the trip up to Traverse City to meet my newest nephew by spending time with my brother and his family. Saturday night we decided 3 of the 4 of us brothers who were there would rather spend money playing arcade games than losing money at the casino. So we hit up this retro 80's/90's arcade on Front St. called "The Coin Slot." I couldn't believe this place.

They had everything from BurgerTime, Tetris, Dr. Mario, Mario Brothers (Original), Street Fighter, XMEN, Contra, Pac Man, Galaga, Ski Ball, and they even had a Nintendo 64 hook up with Mario Kart, Super Mario 64, Golden Eye 007, and Super Smash Bros. 64. On top of that, they had a quarter room where you could play some classic pinball machines. They also served pizza and local beer. It's super cheap too. You could get unlimited arcade games and a beer for $15, or just unlimited games for $11. So worth the drive over. Plus they usually have a food truck parked outside at night. It was a cool place you need to check out next time you're near Traverse City.

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