I thought we had seen it all from the Kalamazoo Growlers and Coach drake, but they have just delivered possibly the funniest clip we have ever seen from this little dude this season. The Growlers just dropped a video of Coach Drake and some of the Kalamazoo Growlers reenacting the famous "There's No Crying In Baseball" clip from the film A League Of Their Own. In the clip, Coach Drake takes on the roll of Coach Jimmy Duggan made famous by Tom Hanks as he tears into the poor Growlers player.

We've seen this kid rip out all the bases, kick dirt on an umpire, apologize and bring gifts to an umpire, and now he's showing off his acting skills. This kid has a bright future. You can watch the original clip below and enjoy reliving one of the most infamous movie scenes of all time. Remember, there's no crying in baseball!


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