It seems like there's a business closure in the Battle Creek area weekly.  Here are the businesses we want back.

We put the question to Battle Creek on Facebook, "What closed businesses do you wish would come back?"  262 comments later, 2 things stood out.

#1 Restaruants

#2 Anything at Lakeview Square Mall

Here are some of your answers:

Vicky Wilson

Pizza Square. It was a drive thru pizza and pasta restaurant located on the NW corner of Helmer Rd & Columbia Ave. The building is gone now.
Amber Marie Stephens Ryan's steak house, Hot and now


Tosha Ta Ta Carrier

All the stores at Lakeview Square Mall.🙄


Greg Cason

Spencer's Gifts, Ryan's, Cici's, Pablo's, Don Pablo's, Sears, JC Penney, Toys R' Us, Bit O' Mexico, Irish Pub, Billiard Cafe, Rock Cafe, Canton Buffet, Old Country Buffett, Otter's Oasis, and more


Lauren Zaccagni Sickle Vining

Don Pablo's or Chi -Chi's, Gap, Old Navy, Children's Place, Penny's (basically the mall stores of the 90's), roller rink, Jungle Cafe dwntwn, & so many more!


Katie Howes

There used to be a little Chinese restaurant near the Intersection of 20th and Columbia that my parents would order from frequently that was always really good. I think it was called Su Wans or something like that.


Nicole A Prill

Big apple bagel, kristal falls mini golf, toys r us are few there have been so many great places that have closed over the years


Eric Ivany

Gangplank, Pablo's, Gary Fields, Old Country Buffet, or any buffet that isn't Chinese.


Jacqueline Yother

Toy r us, midway roller rink, bill Knapps, Deb in the mall ect ect


Lindsey Casey

Midway, stores in the mall when I was younger, Ryan’s Steakhouse, Gary Fields


Nick Metheny

Can’t just list one...Bill Knapp’s, Ponderosa, and Don Pablo’s will get my votes


Parker Muñoz

Zeller's Donuts


Dennis Wilson

Irish Pub definitely!!



There's no doubt businesses have closed at an alarming rate in West Michigan over the last few years.  You can tell us what businesses you miss and other comments that didn't make the list above by clicking here.


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