Chuck E. Cheese may never reopen it's doors after the Covid-19 pandemic.

This isn't just a Portage, Michigan problem.  CEC Entertaintment, the company behind Chuck E. Cheese, is trying to figure out a way to handle their now $1 Billion debt.  They're asking lenders for a $200 million load to keep the business a float.  Even if they get the loan, all 610 locations probably won't survive.  If they don't get the loan, bankruptcy and a permanent closure of all stores is likely according to

CEC Entertainment proposed paying CEO David McKillips $1.3 million dollars to stay on during these hard times according to their SEC Filing on June 1st.  They will also pay President J. Roger Cardinale $900,000 and Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer James Howell $675,000 to help keep the family and fun pizza place a float.

Due to Covid-19 Portage could also see the closure of Victoria's Secret and Bath & Body Works as we've already lost Bravo!

What do you think of the posibility of losing Chuck E. Cheese?  Did you and your family ever enjoy the Chuck E. Cheese band in Portage?  Let us know in the facebook comments.

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