KPS Chief Jeff Hadley addresses the recent situation with officer Tim Millard in a recent "Open Letter to our Community."

TSM: Dana Marshall

In case you missed the Officer Tim Millard "hand gesture" story, click below.

Chief Hadley addressed this matter in this open letter by saying,

In speaking to PSO Millard regarding this incident he said that there was no ill intent or maliciousness in the manner in which he waved back to the gentleman. It is, and has been his way of waving, communicating “hey,” “what’s up,” etc. on a regular basis, even in his personal life! PSO Millard is a fine officer who cares about this community, and puts on his uniform every day to make Kalamazoo a better place.

I understand and respect what the gentleman who took the picture said about “feeling threatened” as well as others who share the same sentiment. We do not minimize those feelings. We welcome the opportunity to sit down and discuss this with him so we can all have a better understanding of each other and our place in the world.

Read the full statement by clicking here.

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