Like... hey man. When I'm gettin' into some really heavy stuff man I just wanna' place where I can mellow out and really vibe with my surroundings, ya dig? To many pads you find me chillin' at just don't have the right scene for my head man, ya know what I mean? Well I found this super groovy pad man, that some cats just bought about a month ago, and this place is so far out I might ask if I can crash there for the night. This place takes me right back to my days tourin' with "The Dead," man.

So dig man, this far out cat Chris Pero listed this groovy house for sale and somebody must have won the lottery or somethin' cause they were able to actually buy a house in this economy man, but this place is set up 1250 Miami Path in Lake Orion, MI. Which is close to Sagebrush Cantina where they make these huge burritos man... we should go get one of those. Oh ya... so this pad has the interior all decked out with all the shag and really everything you'd want from super low key hip place, man. Let me give you a virtual tour so you can see it for yourself:

Check Out This Groovy 70's Michigan Home

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