Billy Came, He Saw, He ROCKED Battle Creek!

A few month ago I got wind that Billy Idol and his guitarist Steve Stevens were coming to Battle Creek for an unplugged acoustic show. Of course I had to buy my tickets, as well as start off on a quest to meet the Rock Star who has been around since the late 1970's.

Unfortunately, this was not the time that I would finally meet Billy Idol...(boooo) maybe next time. Yet, I was not disappointed for long, the show started and I was blown away! explained the show perfectly...

The show will have acoustic reworkings of songs from Idol’s catalog, the shows will also feature spoken-word interludes from Idol, as well as select cover tunes.

Between every song Billy would tell a story about the song, when it was written, or what the song means to him. The stories were full of great details, and you felt as if he was simply having a personal conversation with you. Unfortunately, there were members of the audience that did not like that and shouted nasty things like "Shut up and sing" or "Enough talking". Not only did I find that rude, I LOVED the show. In fact the only problem with it was that I wish it lasted longer!

Billy's voice still sounds great and Steve can really play! It was a great night!

Here was the set list for the show...

  • Dancing with my self - (A Generation X song)
  • Catch My Fall - (A Billy Idol song)
  • Twenty Flight Rock - (An Eddie Cochram song)
  • Kiss Me Deadly - (Generation X cover)
  • I'm Not Like Everybody Else - (The Kinks song)
  • Sweet Sixteen - (A Billy Idol song)
  • Ghost In My Guitar -  (A Billy Idol Song)
  • Eyes Without A Face - (A Billy Idol Song)
  • Steve Stevens Acoustic Guitar Solo
  • Don't Need A Gun - (A Billy Idol Song)
  • To Be A Lover - (A William Bell Cover)
  • Rebel Yell - (A Billy Idol Song and the one he claims is his favorite)

It might take a few years for me to catch Billy Idol, so I will keep the faith until then!

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