I just discovered for myself that back in the 1980's, Kalamazoo once had its own show on Channel 3 called Clubhouse Kalamazoo. There's a ton of video of it on YouTube amazingly and its pretty funny to watch something made for kids 40 years ago.

If you were a kid in Southwest Michigan from the 50's through the 80's there's no way you could forget this classic local children's show. The format featured a live audience of local kids, with an adult host, puppets, games, and cartoons. According to the TV station which is now under new ownership, tapes used to record the show were constantly re-used and they have no known copies of the show. The video itself was loaned to the uploader by someone who was a child in the audience and had the recording on a VHS sitting around for decades.

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The date of this show was late November/Early December of 1978 we believe. I digitally enhanced the video as best I could (using Magic Bullet's Denoiser II - an awesome tool!) but still the quality is not the greatest, but still watchable and highly enjoyable. It does include one cartoon of Casper the Friendly Ghost, the other cartoon breaks and commercials were not present on the tape. You will also catch a quick glimpse of a homemaker program of some sort called "The Dorothy Frisk Show", which I have never heard of before.

There are multiple videos on YouTube of the show, with a few people commenting that they were actually on the show. If you were on the show please let us know about your experience.

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