The growing trend of businesses going cashless has reached SW Michigan.

Revel & Roll West, a popular spot for bowling, ax throwing, and more, is now SW Michigan's first cashless entertainment center. Located on Stadium Drive in Kalamazoo, I recently visited their establishment and noticed this sign on the door:

TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose

Why Go Cashless?

There are a number of reasons why a business may go cashless. On the business side, eliminating cash can:

  • eliminate cash processing costs (when depositing large amounts of cash at banks)
  • increase checkout efficiency
  • increase bookkeeping accuracy

On the other side, eliminating cash can create a safer environment for employees. Specifically, those who bartend or serve. In some cases, employees could be walking out with potentially large sums of money late at night making them the target for theft.

I'll add this, too, on a personal note. Earlier in my life, I was a bartender in Florida. Having to accept someone's sweaty boob money as payment was downright disgusting. I would have loved it if my boss had implemented a no-cash policy. Or, at least, a "no sweaty cash pulled from some part of your body" policy.

Of course, some customers will be aggravated. But, with evolving technology, people usually have more than one way to pay without cash whether it be a physical credit/debit card, apps like CashApp, or even with their phone.

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And, according to a 2020 article from, only 26% of transactions used cash in 2019. No wonder more businesses are adopting the cashless trend.

While Revel & Roll West may be the first entertainment center in SW Michigan to go cashless, they're hardly the first business in the state to do so. In fact, Michigan's Adventure went cashless last year along with Comerica Park, Little Caesars Arena, and Fox Theatre in Detroit. That's according to

What if I Only Have Cash On Me?

While I can't speak for other establishments, I did reach out to the Assistant General Manager of Revel & Roll West, Dan Toffey, to ask this very question.

He informed me that they have provided a kiosk where you can convert cash into a card that can be used in-house for food, drinks, and games. The card can be used indefinitely and, they offer bonuses depending on how much you put onto the card. For example, if you put $100 cash onto a card, you'll get $40 in bonus cash to use on games.

Find more information on Revel & Roll West's website.

While I doubt cash will be disappearing anytime in the near future, the cashless trend doesn't show any sign of slowing down...something to keep in mind next time you visit a restaurant, entertainment center, or sports complex.

Of course, there are things you can do for free in the Kalamazoo area and beyond. No cash or credit card necessary. Like visiting a historic Kellogg house, something I stumbled upon by chance:

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