An elderly couple in Trenton, Michigan reports Mustang stolen after mechanic keeps it for 7 years.

According to The News Herald,

A Trenton man, 83, and his wife, 82, came to the Trenton Police Department July 30, to report their vehicle stolen.

The resident told police about five to seven years ago he had an agreement with a man, 79, to work on his red 1996 Ford Mustang.

He said the man charged his credit card for parts shortly after taking possession of the vehicle.

Talk about patient customers.  They waited 5-7 years before they contacted the police?  In their defense, they did constantly call and sent certified mail and got no response from this mechanic.

The couple even went as far as driving to the suspect's home with no luck.

The police have reported the car as stolen.  No word yet on if the most patient auto mechanic customers in the world have gotten their car back.

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