Anyone who has vacationed in Michigan's Upper Peninsula during the summertime knows that along with the majestic scenery you'll be spending part of your vacation time swatting away the many insects who come out to play all season.

That big bug infestation was on full display recently at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Munising when the park's social media shared a photo of what is likely a ranger's pant leg covered with creepy crawlies - four different ones to be exact: black, stable, deer and horse flies.

The post carries the caption:

The biting fly season is upon us! Be prepared for bugs while visiting the park. Pack a bug net or bug jacket to protect yourself from the biting flies. Bug spray does NOT work against these flies.

Those who saw the image on social media were quick to share tips, commiseration or their own tales of Northern Michigan bug encounters.

Sable flies !!!!! And they don’t care about your bug spray. They are voracious meat eaters

I backpacked there in early July 2006. When I realized my bug spray wasn't working I tucked my pant legs into my wool socks and wrapped my ankles in bandannas. That helped discourage the low fliers from biting. I had scabs from scratching the nasty bites

Love it up there, but that should not be used as a come to the UP campaign slogan picture.

No thank you, that's why I go camping in April or October

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Summer bug outbreaks have taken on someone of the lore of the rugged Yooper who can handle them. In 2017 a photo of midge files along M-35 looked like a tornado of bugs. And it's not just the Upper Peninsula. On the opposite side of the state, also in 2017, a photo was captured of fish flies fully coated the entrance to the Welcome Center along I-75 near Monroe.

This pant leg coating with bugs is starling and here are more stunning animal photos:

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The bugs at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, may be annoying, but they're not likely deadly. These animals, however, are.

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