It's called Brood X. it appears every 17 years. It will be massive. It will target Michigan and we know exactly when it will be here: 2021.

It sounds like the trailer for a horror film doesn't it? In fact, Brood X is the every-17-year return of a massive infestation of cicadas.

Cicadas are one of nature's most interesting creatures, coming above ground only every seventeen years.

Brood X is known as the Great Eastern Brood, a massive 'family' of cicadas that appear en masse. Portions of Michigan are included in the brood's domain which stretches to the Eastern Seaboard with the largest concentration around the mid-Atlantic states.

The brood has been observed since Europeans came to America with the first observed in 1749.

The incessant sounds the cicadas make was captured in 2004, the last time the brood was active in this video from the Washington, DC suburb of Falls Church, Virginia.

Cicadas Emerge in Eastern USA
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