First, coyotes and now bobcats are roaming around in Michigan.

Recently two bobcats where caught on camera at a nature preserve just west of Mount Pleasant Michigan. the interesting part of the story is not that I was surprised that bobcats dwell in the state of Michigan, but that they were together. Bobcats are solitary creatures so staff at the conservatory feel that the pair may have been mother and cub. The cubs stay with their mother for about a year until they can hunt on their own.

Bruce Barlow, a biologist at the DNR's Gladwin Field Office reported to that...

The pair of bobcats were roaming the 40 acres of Chippewa Watershed Conservancy's Audubon Woods Preserve on March 1 when they came into view of the trail cam.

They are smaller then cougars, but bigger then the average domestic cat in fact according to

Their bodies range from 2 to 3.5 feet long, their tails are about 6 inches long and they weigh up to 40 pounds. By comparison, cougars' are up to 6 feet long, their tails up to 3.5 feet and they weigh 75 to 180 pounds.

They tend to hunt birds and small mammals; there have not been any reports of domesticated animals being targeted or hurt by the bobcats. Also, it is important to know that bobcats do not pose a threat to humans. Bruce Barlow added...

"They don't tolerate the presence of humans well, if humans are present, they go the other way."

Knowing that are safe is a relief, but knowing the cool wild life that resides here in Michigan is even better!


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