You can't legally purchase pot in Michigan yet.  However, you can receive it as a gift right?

How could this possibly work?  According to the process goes like this:

  1. You choose the "bundle" from their website.  (I assume bundle refers to books and which free gift you want.
  2. Confirm pickup or delivery time.  That's right, it can be delivered right to your door.
  3. Pay and confirm age at delivery or pickup.  You must be at least 21.

Here's a video example of how it works.

Packages are currently running from $65 to over $400.  Blaze can't keep books on the shelves according to,

“Pretty much demand has been hard to keep up with for the most part,” said Stephanie Swearengin, owner of Blaze Michigan.

Ann Arbor-based Blaze Michigan sells books to their customers. On the website it shows book bundles and tells how many “gifts” a customer would receive with each purchase.

The company may have found a clever way around that as well according to their website,

Feel free to return your books from previous purchases and exchange with a newly placed order.

We accept up to 30 recycling books at a time for delivery or as many as you'd like for a pickup.

We like to stay green on every level! (:


WWMT says that the Cass County Prosecutor is warning people that they could be risky legal trouble by participating in this.



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