The munchies put this Ohio man in a sticky situation.  I'm not just talking about the syrup.

Last Sunday around 1:15 PM the Berea Police pulled over a 41-year-old Parma Heights man according to,

Police had stopped the man’s Chevrolet Malibu on Eastland near Sheldon Road after seeing the vehicle weave twice on Lou Groza Boulevard.

The suspect had a reasonable excuse for swerving all over the road.  He was eating a pancake while driving.  Case closed?

The police smelled pot in the man's Chevy Malibu.  The man said he smoked the day before.  However, a quick search told a different story according to,

Police found a baggie of marijuana in the man’s jacket. He acted surprised and said he had forgotten it was there. Inside the car, police found two marijuana cigars, one inside a folded lottery ticket and another wrapped in foil. Police confiscated the marijuana.

Pot gives you more than the munchies.  It wreaks havoc on your memory apparently.

The man was given a warning for eating pancakes while driving.


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