Michigan is a beautiful state but where is the best place to retire?

Forbes.com did a study of the place best places to retire in every state and it was West Michigan City that won their stamp of approval for the best place to retire! Good news is we don't have to move that far away to have the sweet life. The best place to retire is...GRAND RAPIDS! Here is what they reported...

Rank: Best
City: Grand Rapids
Population: 196,000
Median Home Price: $152,000
Grand Rapids is home to five of the world’s leading office furniture companies and is nicknamed the Furniture City. The city hosts a number of festivals, many of which take place at its Vandenberg Plaza, including the Celebration on the Grand and Festival of the Arts. Grand Rapids is home to myriad theatres and stages, including the Civic Theatre, DeVos Hall, and the historic Wealthy Theatre.
Now, maybe G.R. is not what you were imagining, I mean, Michigan has some amazing cities that would be incredible to settle into after years of working. So, here is the second best place to retire too...
Rank: Runner Up
City: Traverse City
Population: 15,000
Median Home Price: $248,000
Arts center on bay off Lake Michigan, 250 miles northwest of Detroit. Cost of living at national average. PROS: Doctors per capita above national average. Highly walkable. No state estate/inheritance tax, no state income tax on Social Security earnings, state income tax break on pension income. CONS: Cold winters
Take note that the con of moving to Traverse City is the cold winters, but we as Michiganders are used to a few nippy days of the year. Plus, everyone will want to come and visit you for your beaches and blue skies.
Wherever you end up, just enjoy it. Plus, how lucky are we to be a short drive away from Grand Rapids.

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