A Battle Creek family needs our help as this young father battles a rare kidney disease.  Here's how you can help.

We were recently tagged in the comments of a TikTok video of Emily Martinez, a young Southwest Michigan mother.  In this video, that you can see below, Emily (a.k.a. @emilykay1313 on TikTok,) was on day 3 of dancing to raise money for her husband's kidney transplant.

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The video has received a decent amount of attention on TikTok with over 53,000 views and nearly 9,000 likes.  However, seven days after Emily created the GoFundMe page for her husband, nobody has taken the time donate so far.

Emily explains that her husband, Gustavo Martinez,  was diagnosed with stage 4 rare kidney disease in 2017 on the GoFundMe page,

What makes it rare is that it deteriorated his kidneys way fast than normal kidney disease and right now his kidney function is 7%. He’s been on dialysis since April of 2021 and he’s unable to get Medicaid to help pay for the dialysis treatments and the kidney transplant he needs soon.

We reached out to the Battle Creek couple fighting this battle for more information, but haven't heard back yet.  We'll keep you updated on their situation as more info becomes available.  We wish Gustavo good health and happiness.

If you would like to help, you can click here to donate to their GoFundMe.

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