Batman, Ironman, Thor and Captain America rappelled down Devos Children's Hospital this past Halloween. 

A crew from Modern Window Cleaning decided to have a little fun on Halloween and treat some well deserving kids to a little action.

On Halloween afternoon the of crime fighting team took the afternoon to rappel down the side of the hospital and wave to young children inside the building as well as outside. In fact, 14 year old Alaina Iford told Mlive,,,

"I just high-fived Batman!"

This amazing crew made the descent down the side of the building look ease.

Our Superhero's Are....

  • Steve Dabkowski was Batman
  • Sara Kangas was Captain America
  • Antoine Martin was Ironman
  • Tom Peek was Thor

I think of what a thrill it would be to be a child, in the hospital on one of the funniest holidays for kids, when all of the sudden a Superhero slides past a window. So incredible!

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