Somebody's got to say it. So I guess it's up to me to bring it up. Have you thought ahead to the upcoming holiday season? What are we going to do if we're still in some level of shutdown? And even if we've been socializing a little, like in outdoors settings, this is still Michigan and it's going to snow sooner rather than later and outdoor seating is probably out of the equation.

So, let's explore this; Zoom Thanksgiving.

I think this might be sneaky popular. For all the love we profess for family, the fact is, many families maybe don't quite get along as a scene in a Hallmark movie or even a Hallmark card might suggest.

And what about all the stress that the preparations brings on? Zoom Thanksgiving is beginning to sound better and better. At the risk of sounding sexist, generally mom is saddled with many of the big jobs preparing a Thanksgiving feast. But regardless of whose job it is, imagine having to only prepare a turkey for, say a family of four, rather than an extended family of close to twenty- hungry -mouths. And kids running around. Don't get me started. And what about that one obnoxious relative. Oops, internet glitch. Sorry we lost you. (You might not even get drunk, without irritating relatives around.)

And in a fantasy world, remember a couple of years ago, you could pay $30 and get a so-called "celebrity" to record a quick video text? Maybe some so-called stars could hire out for a few hours and drop into Zoom Thanksgiving celebrations, and make a few bucks on the side for themselves.

The more I write about Zoom Thanksgiving, the more I'm convinced this is a win-win holiday idea. Less time spent with obnoxious relatives, less expense at the grocery store, less leftovers, and unless you really want to, you don't even have to clean your house. Just download a background or just point the camera and plant everyone near a clean wall behind you.

Winner, winner, turkey dinner!


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