Those explosions you're hearing are Lions fans' heads exploding. A Detroit sports fan website has started the inevitable speculation on who will replace Matt Patricia as the next coach of the Detroit Lions.

Is it a forgone conclusion that Patricia is a "dead man walking"? You tell me. The Lions have opened with two losses where they had double digit leads (and that's four games in a row, which Twitter tells me is an NFL record.) And the next two games are at Arizona (an up and coming team with Kyler Murray growing into a pretty darned good quarterback) and New Orleans, which many consider a Super Bowl contender. This has 0-4 written all over it. And then the bye week.

It's not the Lions' way to fire a coach mid-season, but you've also got someone new at the helm, Sheila Ford Hamp. But. The goal when the Fords announced GM Bob Quinn and Patricia were returning for this season, was progress and 9-7 seemed to be a stated or unstated magic number. It's pretty clear that's not happening, though scrolling down the rest of the schedule, it's not that horrible, but I don't see more than six win, at best.

It's not that the Lions are that bad, but Patricia coached the Patriots' defense to a Super Bowl win and the Lions defense is just not very good. At some point, someone has to admit that and probably move on.

Most NFL fans have probably heard and seen "Tanking for Trevor" associated with the Jacksonville Jaguars (hoping to have the worst record to have a chance at Clemson star QB Trevor Lawrence). But watching the Jags, they are not going to have the worst record this season. I just can't see that. So the light bulb went off last night. What about the Lions "Tanking for Trevor?" And how perfect is this: after the Lions bye week, the Lions play, wait for it...the Jags. That's right. Let me be the first to label this the Trevor Lawrence Bowl.

Matthew Stafford is a pretty darned good quarterback, and while it's a business, maybe the Lions owe him at least a chance to play for a team that has a chance to be in the playoffs. Anybody remember Barry Sanders, and why he quit?

So, back to the headline above. A Detroit based fan site,, threw out a name. Urban Meyer.

There's those explosions. The former coach of THE Ohio State University? Well, he won national championships at two different schools, so there's that. But he also quit partly due to health reasons, though I remember reading somewhere it was migrane and stress related. One could say, isn't being number one a lot less stressful than say trying to resurrect the Lions? Maybe. But, if Detroit Sports Nation can speculate, so can I. Let's throw out an even more local name. Jim Harbaugh. Michigan guy; knows the fan base's; has coached an NFL team to the Super Bowl. And has a brother who beat him in that Super Bowl. Hmmm. Who knows, but I have to believe coaching in the NFL is easier than keeping the U of M fan base happy, and there's no having to recruit against Ohio State or anyone else. And he's a pretty darned good coach. His reputation is he begins to grate on people after a few years. Would you take that for a winning season or two and righting the ship?

For now, it's all speculation.

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