It's no secret that marijuana is a popular recreational substance in the state of Michigan.

In Southwest Michigan alone, there are well over 30 dispensaries offering both recreational and medical marijuana products. But, as far as celebrating the legality of such a product, Ann Arbor has been ahead of the curve for quite some time.

This past Saturday (4/2/22), Ann Arbor celebrated their 50th Hash Bash. And, if you've never been, even if you're a habitual marijuana user, I promise're not ready for what you'll see. Here are a few examples from this recent celebration:

First, what looks like a leaf blower that has been converted into a smoke machine...

A dancing man on stilts. Which, you could see at any event but with that much weed in the is he still standing?

And the biggest joint I have ever seen:

Via Youtube
Via Youtube

The Hash Bash is attended by thousands of people from across Michigan and usually features guest speakers, live music, and plenty of S.W.A.G. And, somehow, this is the first time I'm hearing about it. Whoops! 

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While this year's Hash Bash has come and gone, they happen on the same day every year: the first Saturday in April. See more footage from this year's bash so you can know what to expect for the 51st Hash Bash in 2023:

Ann Arbor's weed celebration has been going on for 50 years but it's hardly the only one in Michigan. In fact, if you do a simple Google search for 'cannabis events in Michigan', you'll find a long list of planned celebrations (especially with 4/20 on the way). See that list here.

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