If only my Father were around to see this. The hippie of a man that he was, whenever we spoke of illegal drugs becoming legal he would always say, "It's never going to happen." But, here we are. Including Michigan, 23 states have declared Marijuana fully legal. Are Magic Mushrooms next?

Currently, it is illegal to use Magic Mushrooms recreationally across the United States. However, Mushrooms are decriminalized in a handful of states. On Monday, the Ann Arbor city council is voting to decide whether or not they'll join others in decriminalization. To be clear, this won't make it legal for recreational use but according to MLive.com,

If approved, it would declare the investigation and arrest of people for using, growing, possessing, transporting and distributing entheogenic plants and fungi — including hallucinogenic drugs deemed illegal under state and federal law — to be the city’s lowest law enforcement priority. It also would declare no city resources should be used to investigate, arrest or prosecute anyone for such offenses.

Reactions to Ann Arbor's decision to vote on this matter has received...mixed reactions. To say the least.

On MLive's Facebook post Dale wrote,

First thing weed is a good plant but mushrooms will put you on a whole different Planet I say do not legalize them because most of the people won’t be able to handle them

with Christopher adding,

Makes sense. These aren't drugs used by people trying to forget their problems they're people who want a transcendental experience. No threat here.

Follow that with a string of psychedelic gifs and its clear that the people of Ann Arbor are not on the same page when it comes to this issue. Regardless, if the council votes to decriminalize that does not mean it'll be available for recreational use. At least, not right away.

Thanks to podcasts like the Joe Rogan experience mushrooms have, in my opinion, become more widely discussed. I can't tell you how many conversations I've stumbled into where intellectuals were avidly arguing the medical benefits and uses of Magic Mushrooms with some claiming that the fungi has been used for thousands of years as a cure to a number of ailments. How true that is...I'm not sure. In my experience, claims made while at a bar tend to grow wildly as the night progresses.

To end on a lighter note..I met this dude once who was really into mushrooms. He was a really fun guy.

I'll see myself out.

To read the full resolution the city of Ann Arbor will be voting on click here.

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