This started out as a simple little story about whom Michigan is cheering for in Sunday's big game. But the bigger story is how analytics have taken over our lives and our society.

This website has published the results of their survey. Essentially it finds that, collectively, we Michiganders are cheering for the Kansas City Chiefs. But if you break it down by sex, women are slightly more in favor of San Francisco, while men strongly favor Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

Conclusions? None. This is a survey of fans, so you can't really glean anything for either placing a bet in Vegas, or anywhere else it's legal, and that, by the way, is coming soon. Nor will it help you with your squares at work.

But all this is just a reminder of how analytics are taking over our lives. Analytics has ruined baseball. it's ruined network television, any number of things in our daily lives. I know analytics is ultimately a sales tool, but you do wonder if we all aren't just being played. Bob Seger did a song in the late '70's, Feel Like A Number. Sure do.

And I wonder who Seger is pulling for on Sunday.



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