A West Michigan inventor may have simplified those trips to the store to take back returnable cans and plastic bottles.

One thing I love about America, there is always somebody trying to make things easier with a new gadget. A man from Spring Lake has created a new one of a kind machine that could make life easier for us all.

According to WOOD, emergency physician and inventor Nathan Arnold has invented a device you can use at your home to deal with cans and plastic bottles called Nessie. This new piece of equipment would eliminate the need to take back bottles and cans to the store and still allow you to get your refund back.

Nessie works just like the return machines you use at Meijer, Walmart or anywhere you return your returnables. The only hitch is the machine does not work for glass bottles but plastic or aluminum, no problem. Nessie will scan the code then crush the bottle or can.

The machine can only do 250 cans in a day but who drinks that much each day anyway.

Businesses will get first crack at Nessie this summer, but if you are looking to get one of these bad boys in your home or garage, your chance will come this fall.

Instead of buying the machine outright, you can just lease one for $5 a month. You get seven cents per can or plastic bottle that can be used as a store credit or put on a card so you can use it at a participating retailer.

A lot of people have just been throwing away their bottles and cans so they don't have to return or even putting them into their recycling but they are losing out on that money. Nessie could bring that cash back to you and keep the materials right here in Michigan.

If you are in the market for a Nessie, shoot an email to info@nessiesolution.com to get further information.

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