I have been a die hard American Idol fan since day 1.  Now the final hours are upon us.  Let's look back to how American Idol took away my man card.

When I first heard about American Idol at the beginning of Season 1.  Like the rest of America, I didn't take it seriously.  I thought it would be another Star Search.  I hated Star Search.

Then I saw Kelly Clarkson's audition.  I was hooked immediately.  In fact, that night I predicted she would win the whole thing.  I was right!

Here's where I lost my man card.  I started having American Idol parties.  Every week friends would gather at my place for food and adult beverages as we cheered on our favorite contestants.  That was 14 years ago.  My son Zach was -1 year old.

Speaking of Zach.  He went on to meet Season 2 contestant Josh Gracin.

American Idol Season 2 contestant Josh Gracin with my son Zach.

Here's Josh Gracin during his Idol Audition.

I've had the chance to meet fellow Michigander and very talented Idol contestant from Season 8, Matt Giraud.  Here's Matt in the KFR studio last August.

Here's Matt Giraud singing Michael Jackson's "Human Nature" on Idol.

So, here we are are the end of our American Idol journey.

I correctly predicted Kelly Clarkson would be the winner of Season 1 during the auditions.  This year I predicted La'Porsha Renae would take the American Idol crown during the auditions.

Here's La'Porsha singing "No More Drama" by Mary J Blige on Idol a couple weeks ago.